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Application Form of Police Verification Services (Domestic Servant/Tanant Verification/ Character Verification) Application Form of Police Verification_v4.pdf
Moserbear (G&D) e-Token Moserbear.rar
Application form of e-Mitra Kiosk Creation Application form of e-Mitra Kiosk Creation_V2.pdf
Guideline of e-Mitra Kiosk Creation service Guideline of e-Mitra Kiosk Creation.pdf
Application form of Hindu Marriage Certificate for Jaipur District Application form of Hindu Marriage Certificate.PDF
Guideline of Police Verification Services Guideline of Police Verification_V2.pdf
Rajsampark Guideline raj sampark2.pdf
Guideline of Fund Transfer through e-Mitra portal Fund Transfer through e-Mitra portal_V4.pdf
Guideline of Non Teaching Recruitment (University of Rajasthan) Requruitment of University of Rajasthan.rar
Guideline of PAN Card Service Guideline of PAN Card.pdf
Guideline of RTI Services RTI Service through e-Mitra, CSC.rar
Application Form of Minorite Caste Minorite Caste Application Form.pdf
Circular of Digital Miniroty Miniroty Circular.pdf
Guidelines_Exam Fee of_Civil Judge Cadre_Recruitment-2013 Guidelines for Civil Judge CadreRecruitment-2013_Rajasthan High Court.rar
Guideline of Exam Fees for Rajasthan University Main Examination 2014 Exam Fee of Rajasthan University.rar
Application form for new/renewal e-Token (n-Code Solutions) NEW_FORM for Digital e-Token.rar
Guideline of Prepaid Service (BSNL & CSC-SPV Prepaid) Guideline of Prepaid Services.pdf
For New/Renewal e-Token application form (Class 2) (n)21fromforweb_Class 2.pdf
Order of Digital Bonafide for TSP Area (Banswara, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh, Sirohi & Udaipur) Order of Digital Bonafide for TSP Area.PDF
Software of Gemalto e-Token Device Gemalto e-Token.rar
Guidelin of PAN Card Service Guidelin of PAN CARD Service.pdf
General Guideline for online payment using eMitra portal Guideline_for_online_user.pdf
Guideline of Digital Jamabandi Service for all Jama_Bandi_Manual_Guideline_15-03-13.pdf
e-Token_nCode Solution (Software & Guideline) e-Token - nCode Solution.rar
RPSC guideline for public users Guideline_for_online_user.pdf
OMT_Registration_Guideline OMT Registration Guideline.pdf
Process of forcefully Day Close by LSP/DeGS Day Close Process.pdf
DMP Printing Control Guideline DMP Printing Control Guideline.pdf
OMT TOOL Setup Registration_Win.exe
Guideling of Online Driving Licence Application on kiosk Guideline of Learning Licence.pdf
Checklist-Dongal_DSC Checklist-Dongal_DSC.doc
Operation Guideline of Digital Jamabandi Service for kiosk Jama Bandi Oprational Guideline_New.pdf
Download this for desktop sharing instead of Team viewer AA_v3.exe
Guideline for Kiosk if emitra site working slow Guideline_for_Kiosks.pdf
Online Driving Licence Application for kiosk Online Driving Licence Application_New.pdf
Online Application form for Inclusion/Deletion/Modification in Voter list Application Form For Inclusion - Deletion - Modification in Voter List.pdf
Crcular issued by the Home Department regarding Bonafied Bonafide circular_New.pdf
online applications for changes/addition/deletion in voter list Election Dept Advertisement.pdf
Application Form of Bonafide Latest Application Form of Bonafide As new circular dated 28-08-12.pdf
Application Form for OBC-SBC Caste (Jaipur) OBC-SBC_Caste_Application_Form_New_12-07-2012[1].pdf
Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8 ADOBE ACROBAT READER 8.EXE
Download Hindi IME Toolkit Hindi_Toolkit_IME.exe
Application Form for Solvency Certificate Solvency Certificate Application Form.pdf
Application Form for SC-ST Caste SC-ST Caste Application Form.pdf
Application Form for OBC-SBC Caste OBC-SBC Caste Application Form.pdf
Application Form for Caste(General) General Caste Application Form.pdf
eToken Driver[64 Bit] PKIClient-x64-5.1-SP1.msi
eToken Driver[32 Bit] PKIClient-x32-5.1-SP1.msi
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs FAQ.pdf
Circulars & Order regarding Bonafide Digital Certificate Order,Circular,Latters of Bonafide Service.pdf
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Reports from 1 jan 2013 to 30 Nov 2013 is Available on
CMS के सभी Kiosks को 1 Apr 2014 से सभी सेवाओ (Prepaid/Postpaid) के कमीशन का भुगतान transaction के समय E-Wallet में प्रदान किया जा रहा है(e-Mitra के लिए 65% और csc के लिए 70% कमीशन)
Release of commission charges to VLEs of M/s CMS Computers Ltd through cheque. Click here
Download updated SSDG User Manual for kiosk users--English   Hindi
"PAN CARD, DISH TV, MTS, ICICI, RTI Services have been started in Postpaid Mode For All Kiosk"
“CSC CMS के सभी VLE इन्‍टरनेट कनेक्‍शन लगवाने हेतु अपनी निम्‍न जानकारी पर मेल करे District, Block, Village, Mobile No. “
12 Dec 2013 से e-Mitra departmental report में केवल summary report और combined single report ही उपलब्ध होंगी! Detailed report, Cancel report और Deactive Kiosk Report हटा दी गयी है!
If you don't get the token number in online transaction after payment, please check your transaction history . If your transaction is not there in transaction history , amount will be automatically refunded to your account within 5 to 7 working days.
if e-Mitra portal is not open with or slow then open with this IP
Key Correction Facility is not Applicable For Online Transactions.
Download OMT TOOL Setup New. Click here