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187 = 2016-03-01 - Guideline = MicroATM uses Important point v1.0 Guideline = MicroATM uses Important point v1.0.pdf
189 : 2016-02-01 : Guideline = Ask Doctor Service v2.0 Guideline - Ask Doctor Service v2.0.pdf
190 : 2016-01-04 : Guideline = PineLab POS operation at emitra v4 Guideline = PineLab POS operation at emitra v4.pdf
192 : 2015-11-02 Guideline = Jeevan Praman Patra Service v3.0 Jeevan Praman Patra Service v3.pdf
194 : 2015-10-26 Guideline = Kiosk Bio Matric Login v2.0 2015-10-26 Guideline - Kiosk Bio Matric Login v2.pdf
196 : Guideline = Amazon Shopping v2.0 Guideline = Amazon v2.0.pptx
197: Guideline = Paytm Wallet Creation n Topup v1 Guideline = Paytm Wallet Creation n Topup v1.pdf
198 : 2015-10-09 = Guideline - Ask Doctor Service v1.0 Ask Doctor v1.pdf
2015-08-18 Guideline - Bhamashah Secondary Entry v1.0 Guideline - Bhamashah Secondary Entry v1.0.pdf
2015-08-18 Guideline - Birth Death Certificate Service (Eco Dept) v1.0 Birth Death Cert Service v1.0.pdf
2015-08-19 Guideline - Lease Free Certificate (UTI Kota) v1.0 Guideline - Lease Free Certificate (UTI Kota).pdf
2015-09-10 Guideline - UIT, Kota Awasiya Yojna Fee v3.0 Awasiya Yojna Fee v3.0.pdf
2015-09-10 Guideline - UIT, Kota Housing Scheme v1.0 Application, Registration, Adminitrative Fees v1.0.pdf
2015-09-10 Guideline - UIT, Kota Housing Scheme v2.0 Application, Registration, Adminitrative Fees v2.0.pdf
2015-09-10 Guideline: EESL -LED Bulb Distribution Service v2.0 2015-09-10 EESL -LED Bulb Distribution Service v2.0.rar
2015-09-16 Guideline - Lease Free Certificate (UTI Kota) v2.0 Guideline for Lease Free Certificate V2.0.pdf
2015-09-16 Guideline - Lease Free Certificate (UTI Kota) v2.0 Guideline for Lease Free Certificate V2.0.pdf
2015-09-16 Guideline - NOC For Loan From Bank (UTI Kota) v1.0 Guideline for NOC for Loan From Bank.pdf
2015-09-18 Gudieline - Indira Awas Yojana Guidelines_IAY.pdf
2015-09-21 Guideline - Jeenvan Prmaan Cert V2 2015-09-21 Guideline - Jeenvan Prmaan Cert V2.pdf
2015-09-21 Guideline - Rajnet Connect 2015-09-21 Rajnet Connect Guideline.pdf
999 2015-09-29 Guideline - Kiosk Bio Matric Login 2015-09-29 Guideline - Kiosk Bio Matric Login.pdf
Application Form of Police Clearance Certificate (Foreign) Application Form of Police Clerance Certificate Foreign_v1.0.pdf
Application Form of Police Verification Services (Domestic Servant/Tanant Verification/ Character Verification) Application Form of Police Verification_v5.pdf
Biometric Device Setup BiometricS_Kv_3_3_1_.rar
Circular_Bhamashah Bhamashah_circular.pdf
Circular_Digital Minority Miniroty Circular.pdf
Circular_Food Dept_Delivery of Ration 2015 CircularRation2015.pdf
Circular_Rates of DSC & SSDG services to be charged from applicant eMitra Circular20 Rates of DSC and SSDG services.PDF
Circular_for_Birth_Death_Certificate Circular_Birth_Death_Certificate.pdf
Circular_issued by the Home Department regarding Bonafied Bonafide circular_New.pdf
Deposit Registration and other fee service under Registration Guideline_for_IGRS_Services.pdf
Enclosure 3_Process_Distribution of PoS terminals to kiosks campus guideline Enclosure 3_Process_Distribution_of_PoS_terminals_to_kiosks.pdf
FoodDeptCircularDeliveryofRation2015 FoodDeptCircularDeliveryofRation2015.pdf
Form_Application Bonafide Latest Application Form of Bonafide As new circular dated 28-08-12.pdf
Form_Application Digital Minority Caste Minorite Caste Application Form.pdf
Form_Application Form for Caste(General) General Caste Application Form.pdf
Form_Application Hindu Marriage Certificate for Jaipur District Application form of Hindu Marriage Certificate.PDF
Form_Application OBC-SBC_Caste_new 28-10-2015 Application form OBC-SBC_Caste_new 28-10-2015.pdf
Form_Application Open Mutation Application Form of Open Mutation_v3.pdf
Form_Application Patta of Residential Land of Panchayati Raj Department Application Form of Patta.pdf
Form_Application SC-ST Caste _new_27-10-2015 Application form SC-ST Caste _new_27-10-2015.pdf
Form_Application SIMA GYAN Application Form of SIMA GYAN_v3.pdf
Form_Application for Electricity new Connection Application form for Electricity new Connection.PDF
Form_Application for Lease Free Certificate Form-12.pdf
Form_Application for Police Clearance Certificate Application Form of Police Clerance Certificate_v1.0.pdf
Form_Application for Solvency Certificate Solvency Certificate Application Form.pdf
Form_Application for new e-Mitra Kiosk Application Form for e-Mitra Kiosk.pdf
Form_Application of Consent Land Division Application Form of Consent Land Division_V2.pdf
Form_Application of New Water Connection (PHED) Application form for New Water Connection.pdf
Form_Bhamashah_Application Bhamashah.pdf
Form_Online Application for Inclusion/Deletion/Modification in Voter list Application Form For Inclusion - Deletion - Modification in Voter List.pdf
Form_SBI MicroATM Kiosk detail Format Format for POS MicroATM KioskDtl.xls
Form_UIT, Kota Housing Scheme Application Form and Affidavits Formats UIT, Kota Housing Scheme Application Form and Affidavits Formats.rar
Guideline - Oxigen Money Transfer Service v 1.0 Money Trnsfer Oxigen v1.pdf
Guideline = Circular and Guideline for Marriage Registration 1.0 Circular.pdf
Guideline = Department of Mines and Geology Service Guideline = Department of Mines and Geology Service.pdf
Guideline = Issuing Authorituy Problems & Solutions PPT Bonafide PPT Tehsil Level as on 02-11-2015.pptx
Guideline for Civil Judge Cadre 2015 Guidelines-cjc-15-kiosk.pdf
Guideline for District Judge Cadre 2015 Guidelines-djc-15-kiosk.pdf
Guideline for Replacement of Damage LED v1.0 Guideline for Replacement of Damage LED v1.0.pdf
GuidelineApplicationForBC GuidelineforApplicationForBC.pdf
GuidelineSprinklerSubsidyUnderNFSM scan0135.pdf
Guideline_ Bhamashah for Editing in Bank Details Guideline for Editing in Bank Details.pdf
Guideline_Aadhar Machine for eMitra Kiosk Guideline_Aadhar Machine for eMitra Kiosk.pdf
Guideline_Amendment in Seed Licence-Hi Amendment in Seed Licence-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Amendment in fertilizer licence-Hi Amendment in fertilizer licence-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Anganbadi Asha n Ration Dealer Registration v2.0 Guideline_Anganbadi Asha n Ration Dealer Registration v2.0.rar
Guideline_Bhamashah All_v14 Guideline for Bhamashah Services_v14.pdf
Guideline_Bhamashah Verification and Upload doument Guideline_for_Bhamashah_Verification_v2.pdf
Guideline_Biofertiliser-Hi Biofertiliser-Hi.pdf
Guideline_College Education Online form submit for Admission 2014-15 College Education Online form submit for Admission 2014-15.rar
Guideline_DMP Printing Control DMP Printing Control Guideline.pdf
Guideline_Digital Jamabandi Service Jama_Bandi_Manual_Guideline_15-03-13.pdf
Guideline_Food Coupon Services v1.0 Guideline_Food Coupon Services v1.0.rar
Guideline_Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs (Digitally Certificate) FAQ.pdf
Guideline_Fund Transfer through e-Mitra portal Fund Transfer through e-Mitra portal_V4.pdf
Guideline_General for online payment using eMitra portal Guideline_for_online_user.pdf
Guideline_Insecticide Sell-Hi Insecticide Sell-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Instructions for Application & Exam in RPSC InsructionsforApplicantsRPSC.pdf
Guideline_Jaipur Metro Preactive Smart Card Selling v1.0 Guideline_Jaipur Metro Preactive Smart Card Selling v1.0.pdf
Guideline_Know EID UID Number for Bhamashah Guideline for Know EID UID.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services Guideline_Labour_Department_Services.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_V2 Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_v2.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_V3 Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_v3.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_V4 Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_v4.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Payment Service Guideline_Labour Payment Services.pdf
Guideline_Manufacturing Insecticide-Hi Manufacturing Insecticide-Hi.pdf
Guideline_New Water Connection (PHED) Process for New Water Connection_v2.pdf
Guideline_New e-Mitra Kiosk Creation service Guideline of e-Mitra Kiosk Creation_V2.pdf
Guideline_OMT Registration New OMTRegistrationGuidelinenew.pdf
Guideline_OPD New Registration & Old Renew Registration for SMS Hospital Guideline of OPD Registration for SMS Hospital.pdf
Guideline_Office order issued by Kota University regarding manual OfficeorderofKotaregardingmanual.jpg
Guideline_Operation of Digital Jamabandi Service for kiosk Jama Bandi Oprational Guideline_New.pdf
Guideline_PAN Card PAN_circular_Hindi_PAN_POSTER-1.pdf
Guideline_PAN Card Service Guideline of PAN Card.pdf
Guideline_Patta Final GuidelineforPattaFinal.pdf
Guideline_Patta of Residential Land of Panchayati Raj Department Guideline for Patta_Final.pdf
Guideline_Payment Mode MicroATM SBI Guideline_Payment Mode MicroATM SBI.pdf
Guideline_Pension Department V2 Guideline for Pension Service_V2.pdf
Guideline_Police Clearance Certificate policeclearance.pdf
Guideline_Police Verification Services Guideline of Police Verification_V2.pdf
Guideline_Prepaid Service (BSNL & CSC-SPV Prepaid) Guideline of Prepaid Services.pdf
Guideline_Process for Application Mutation Sima Gyan of Revenue Board Ajmer ProcessforapplicationMutationSimagyan.pdf
Guideline_Process for New Electricity Connection Process for New Electricity Connection_v2.pdf
Guideline_Process of forcefully Day Close by LSP/DeGS Day Close Process.pdf
Guideline_RSPCB Services GuidelineforRSPCBServices.pdf
Guideline_RSRTC Ticket Booking RSRTC_Ticket_Booking.pdf
Guideline_RTI Services RTI Service through e-Mitra, CSC.rar
Guideline_Rajasthan Sampark raj sampark2.pdf
Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v4.0 Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v4.0.rar
Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v5.0 Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v5.0.rar
Guideline_SBI MicroATM FAQ v1 Guideline_SBI MicroAT FAQ v1.pdf
Guideline_Sale Permission-Hi Sale Permission-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Scrutiny (Re-totaling) & Answer Booklet Copy of BSER Scrutiny (Re-totaling) and Answer Booklet Copy 2014.pdf
Guideline_for Active/Deactive Kiosk Guideline for Active Deactive Kiosk.pdf
Guideline_for Central OBC Caste Certificate Guideline for Central OBC Caste Certificate.pdf
Guideline_for Kiosk if Emitra site working slow Guideline_for_Kiosks.pdf
Guideline_for Print Digital Signed Certificate Guideline of Print Certificate_V2.pdf
Guideline_for RPSC of Public Users Guideline_for_online_user.pdf
Guideline_for Raj. State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) Services Guideline for RSPCB Services_V2.pdf
Guideline_for_IGRS_service Guideline_for_IGRS_Services.pdf
Guideline_of e-Mitra & CSC Project (BOOK) e-Mitra Guideline (Book).rar
Guideline_pest control operation-Hi pest control operation-Hi.pdf
Guideline_seed renewal-Hi seed renewal-Hi.pdf
Guideline_wholeseller Renewal-Hi wholeseller Renewal-Hi.pdf
Guidelines_For Consent Land Division Guideline for Consent Land Division.pdf
Guidelines_For Open Mutation Guideline for Open Mutation.pdf
Guidelines_For Sima Gyan Guideline for SimaGyan.pdf
Guidelines_for_online_user_Paytm wallet Guidelines_for_online_user_Paytm wallet.pdf
Guildeline_Birth Death Cert Service v1 Birth Death Cert Service v1.pdf
InstructionsforPANdocumentaryproofs InstructionsforPANdocumentaryproofs.pdf
Junior Judicial Assistant and Clerk Guideline INSTRUCTI_NS_JJA_15.pdf
Junior Personal Assistant and Stenographer Guideline INSTRUCTIONS_JPA_15.pdf
Kiosk List_Jaipur Metro Smart Cards Format_for_POS_MicroATM_KioskDtl_new.xls
Morpho device driver Morpho_Java_Api.7z
NewEmitra SSO Login Guideline 2016_05_16_Guideline_New_Portal_Login_updated2.pdf
Order of Digital Bonafide for TSP Area (Banswara, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh, Sirohi & Udaipur) Order of Digital Bonafide for TSP Area.PDF
Paytm Wallet online user guideline Guidelines_Paytm_wallet.pdf
RajNet_Script_guideline guidelines.pdf
Rate_CircularIT Rate_CircularIT.pdf
Rate_Circular_11 Rate_Circular_11.pdf
Rate_Circular_14_DeptofForest_UOR_RPSC Rate_Circular_14_DeptofForest_UOR_RPSC.pdf
Rate_Circular_15_RPCB_Marriage_Registration Rate_Circular_15_RPCB_Marriage_Registration.pdf
Rate_Circular_16_Raj_Sampark_E&S Rate_Circular_16_Raj_Sampark_E&S.pdf
Rate_Circular_17_DMHS_CTD_Labour Rate_Circular_17_DMHS_CTD_Labour.pdf
Rate_Circular_18_SSDG_Employment_RD_Agriculture_SocialJustice Rate_Circular_18_SSDG_Employment_RD_Agriculture_SocialJustice_.PDF
Rate_Circular_19_CorrigendumDISCOMPHED Rate_Circular_19_CorrigendumDISCOMPHED.pdf
Rate_Circular_19_PHEDDISCOMRevisionofUtility Rate_Circular_19_PHEDDISCOMRevisionofUtility.pdf
Rate_Circular_21_BSER_Revenue Rate_Circular_21_BSER_Revenue.pdf
Rate_Circular_22_TAD_PanchayatiRaj_Development_Bhasha_vibhag Rate_Circular_22_TAD_PanchayatiRaj_Development_Bhasha_vibhag.pdf
Rate_Circular_23_IGRS_Labour_PanchayatiRaj Rate_Circular_23_IGRS_Labour_PanchayatiRaj.pdf
Rate_Circular_24_Pension_Industries Rate_Circular_24_Pension_Industries.pdf
Rate_Circular_25_Addendum_Ration_Card_Services Rate_Circular_25_Addendum_Ration_Card_Services.pdf
Rate_Circular_25_Ration_Card_VMOU_Corrigendum_25A Rate_Circular_25_Ration_Card_VMOU_Corrigendum_25A.pdf
Rate_Circular_26_CTD_Labour Rate_Circular_26_CTD_Labour.pdf
Rate_Circular_28_SocialJustice_UIT_Kota_BoardofMedicine Rate_Circular_28_SocialJustice_UIT_Kota_BoardofMedicine.pdf
Rate_Circulars_1_13_DISCOM_PHED_Aadhaar_RTI_Challan Rate_Circulars_1_13_DISCOM_PHED_Aadhaar_RTI_Challan.pdf
Rate_DigitizationofRecords_for_seedingunderBhamashah Rate_DigitizationofRecords_for_seedingunderBhamashah.pdf
Rate_circular20_DSC_Agri_Horticulture_SJ_Emp Rate_circular20_DSC_Agri_Horticulture_SJ_Emp.pdf
Rate_circular_27_RSRTC_Pension_JMRC_RRECL_Gopalan_Bhamashah Rate_circular_27_RSRTC_Pension_JMRC_RRECL_Gopalan_Bhamashah.pdf
Ration food driver Guideline_Food_Coupon_Services_v1.0.rar
Registration_User Manual_Bilingual_for all acts Registration_User Manual_Bilingual_for all acts.pdf
Registration_User Manual_E Mitra Registration_User Manual_E Mitra.pdf
Registration_User Manual_Emitra_Labour Registration_User Manual_EMitra_labour.pdf
SBI MicroATM Payment Mode Guideline Guideline_Payment_Mode_MicroATM_SBI.pdf
SBI challen for UID(aadhar certified) nseit_ChallanReciept.pdf
Safran (Morpho) driver Setup.rar
Secugen device driver 32 bit SecuFMASetup.msi
Secugen device driver 64 bit SecuFMASetupx64.msi
Secugen device software 32 bit
Secugen device software 64 bit
Software - 3MCogent-CSD200-SDK-v2.5 Setup 3MCogent-CSD200-SDK-v2.5 Setup.rar
Software - Gemalto gtop11dotnet.dll
Software - JAVA jre-8u51-windows-i586.exe
Software - Morpho Safron 1300 E Setup Morpho Safron 1300 E Setup.rar
Software - SecuGen setup SecuGen setup.rar
Software_AAmy Admin (latest version) AA_v3.5.rar
Software_Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8 ADOBE ACROBAT READER 8.EXE
Software_Download Hindi IME Toolkit Hindi_Toolkit_IME.rar
Software_Gemalto e-Token Device Gemalto e-Token.rar
Software_Java 6 jre-6u25-windows-i586 jre-6u25-windows-i586.exe
Software_Java Setup for OMT jre-7u7-windows-i586.rar
Software_Moserbear (G&D) e-Token Moserbear.rar
Software_OMT TOOL Setup Registration_Win.exe
Software_eToken Driver[32 Bit] (Alladin) PKIClient-x32-5.1-SP1.msi
Software_eToken Driver[64 Bit] (Alladin) PKIClient-x64-5.1-SP1.msi
User Manual_Beneficiary_EMitra_labour User Manual_Beneficiary_EMitra.pdf
Water_Storage_tank_guideline_eng Water_Storage_tank_guideline_eng.pdf
Water_Storage_tank_guideline_hindi Water_Storage_tank_guideline_hindi.pdf
eMudhra Class2 Ind Etoken Form eMudhra_Class2_IND_Encryption_and_Signature.pdf
peoplelink video conferencing software peoplelinkv3.8.6.3.rar
sacugen device driver
starfile StartkDotNet.rar
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