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2015-08-18 Guideline - Bhamashah Secondary Entry v1.0 Guideline - Bhamashah Secondary Entry v1.0.pdf
2015-08-18 Guideline - Birth Death Certificate Service (Eco Dept) v1.0 Birth Death Cert Service v1.0.pdf
2015-08-19 Guideline - Lease Free Certificate (UTI Kota) v1.0 Guideline - Lease Free Certificate (UTI Kota).pdf
Application Form of Police Verification Services (Domestic Servant/Tanant Verification/ Character Verification) Application Form of Police Verification_v5.pdf
Circular_Bhamashah Bhamashah_circular.pdf
Circular_Digital Minority Miniroty Circular.pdf
Circular_Food Dept_Delivery of Ration 2015 CircularRation2015.pdf
Circular_Rates of DSC & SSDG services to be charged from applicant eMitra Circular20 Rates of DSC and SSDG services.PDF
Circular_for_Birth_Death_Certificate Circular_Birth_Death_Certificate.pdf
Circular_issued by the Home Department regarding Bonafied Bonafide circular_New.pdf
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FoodDeptCircularDeliveryofRation2015 FoodDeptCircularDeliveryofRation2015.pdf
Form_Application Bonafide Latest Application Form of Bonafide As new circular dated 28-08-12.pdf
Form_Application Digital Minority Caste Minorite Caste Application Form.pdf
Form_Application Form for Caste(General) General Caste Application Form.pdf
Form_Application Hindu Marriage Certificate for Jaipur District Application form of Hindu Marriage Certificate.PDF
Form_Application Open Mutation Application Form of Open Mutation_v3.pdf
Form_Application Patta of Residential Land of Panchayati Raj Department Application Form of Patta.pdf
Form_Application SC_ST Caste SC-ST Caste Application Form on 12-05-2014.pdf
Form_Application SIMA GYAN Application Form of SIMA GYAN_v3.pdf
Form_Application for Electricity new Connection Application form for Electricity new Connection.PDF
Form_Application for Lease Free Certificate Form-12.pdf
Form_Application for OBC-SBC Caste OBC-SBC_Caste_Application_Form_New_12-07-2012[1].pdf
Form_Application for Police Clearance Certificate Application Form of Police Clerance Certificate_v1.0.pdf
Form_Application for Solvency Certificate Solvency Certificate Application Form.pdf
Form_Application for new e-Mitra Kiosk Application Form for e-Mitra Kiosk.pdf
Form_Application of Consent Land Division Application Form of Consent Land Division_V2.pdf
Form_Application of New Water Connection (PHED) Application form for New Water Connection.pdf
Form_Bhamashah_Application Bhamashah.pdf
Form_Online Application for Inclusion/Deletion/Modification in Voter list Application Form For Inclusion - Deletion - Modification in Voter List.pdf
Form_SBI MicroATM Kiosk detail Format Format for POS MicroATM KioskDtl.xls
Guideline - Oxigen Money Transfer Service v 1.0 Money Trnsfer Oxigen v1.pdf
Guideline for Civil Judge Cadre 2015 Guidelines-cjc-15-kiosk.pdf
Guideline for District Judge Cadre 2015 Guidelines-djc-15-kiosk.pdf
GuidelineApplicationForBC GuidelineforApplicationForBC.pdf
GuidelineSprinklerSubsidyUnderNFSM scan0135.pdf
Guideline_ Bhamashah for Editing in Bank Details Guideline for Editing in Bank Details.pdf
Guideline_Aadhar Machine for eMitra Kiosk Guideline_Aadhar Machine for eMitra Kiosk.pdf
Guideline_Amendment in Seed Licence-Hi Amendment in Seed Licence-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Amendment in fertilizer licence-Hi Amendment in fertilizer licence-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Anganbadi Asha n Ration Dealer Registration v2.0 Guideline_Anganbadi Asha n Ration Dealer Registration v2.0.rar
Guideline_Bhamashah All_v14 Guideline for Bhamashah Services_v14.pdf
Guideline_Bhamashah Verification and Upload doument Guideline_for_Bhamashah_Verification_v2.pdf
Guideline_Biofertiliser-Hi Biofertiliser-Hi.pdf
Guideline_College Education Online form submit for Admission 2014-15 College Education Online form submit for Admission 2014-15.rar
Guideline_DMP Printing Control DMP Printing Control Guideline.pdf
Guideline_Digital Jamabandi Service Jama_Bandi_Manual_Guideline_15-03-13.pdf
Guideline_Food Coupon Services v1.0 Guideline_Food Coupon Services v1.0.rar
Guideline_Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs (Digitally Certificate) FAQ.pdf
Guideline_Fund Transfer through e-Mitra portal Fund Transfer through e-Mitra portal_V4.pdf
Guideline_General for online payment using eMitra portal Guideline_for_online_user.pdf
Guideline_Insecticide Sell-Hi Insecticide Sell-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Instructions for Application & Exam in RPSC InsructionsforApplicantsRPSC.pdf
Guideline_Jaipur Metro Preactive Smart Card Selling v1.0 Guideline_Jaipur Metro Preactive Smart Card Selling v1.0.pdf
Guideline_Know EID UID Number for Bhamashah Guideline for Know EID UID.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services Guideline_Labour_Department_Services.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_V2 Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_v2.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_V3 Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_v3.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_V4 Guideline_Labour_Department_Services_v4.pdf
Guideline_Labour_Payment Service Guideline_Labour Payment Services.pdf
Guideline_Manufacturing Insecticide-Hi Manufacturing Insecticide-Hi.pdf
Guideline_New Water Connection (PHED) Process for New Water Connection_v2.pdf
Guideline_New e-Mitra Kiosk Creation service Guideline of e-Mitra Kiosk Creation_V2.pdf
Guideline_OMT Registration New OMTRegistrationGuidelinenew.pdf
Guideline_OPD New Registration & Old Renew Registration for SMS Hospital Guideline of OPD Registration for SMS Hospital.pdf
Guideline_Office order issued by Kota University regarding manual OfficeorderofKotaregardingmanual.jpg
Guideline_Operation of Digital Jamabandi Service for kiosk Jama Bandi Oprational Guideline_New.pdf
Guideline_PAN Card PAN_circular_Hindi_PAN_POSTER-1.pdf
Guideline_PAN Card Service Guideline of PAN Card.pdf
Guideline_Patta Final GuidelineforPattaFinal.pdf
Guideline_Patta of Residential Land of Panchayati Raj Department Guideline for Patta_Final.pdf
Guideline_Payment Mode MicroATM SBI Guideline_Payment Mode MicroATM SBI.pdf
Guideline_Pension Department V2 Guideline for Pension Service_V2.pdf
Guideline_Police Clearance Certificate policeclearance.pdf
Guideline_Police Verification Services Guideline of Police Verification_V2.pdf
Guideline_Prepaid Service (BSNL & CSC-SPV Prepaid) Guideline of Prepaid Services.pdf
Guideline_Process for Application Mutation Sima Gyan of Revenue Board Ajmer ProcessforapplicationMutationSimagyan.pdf
Guideline_Process for New Electricity Connection Process for New Electricity Connection_v2.pdf
Guideline_Process of forcefully Day Close by LSP/DeGS Day Close Process.pdf
Guideline_RSPCB Services GuidelineforRSPCBServices.pdf
Guideline_RSRTC Ticket Booking RSRTC_Ticket_Booking.pdf
Guideline_RTI Services RTI Service through e-Mitra, CSC.rar
Guideline_Rajasthan Sampark raj sampark2.pdf
Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v4.0 Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v4.0.rar
Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v5.0 Guideline_Ration Card Related All with Application Forms v5.0.rar
Guideline_SBI MicroATM FAQ v1 Guideline_SBI MicroAT FAQ v1.pdf
Guideline_Sale Permission-Hi Sale Permission-Hi.pdf
Guideline_Scrutiny (Re-totaling) & Answer Booklet Copy of BSER Scrutiny (Re-totaling) and Answer Booklet Copy 2014.pdf
Guideline_for Active/Deactive Kiosk Guideline for Active Deactive Kiosk.pdf
Guideline_for Central OBC Caste Certificate Guideline for Central OBC Caste Certificate.pdf
Guideline_for Kiosk if Emitra site working slow Guideline_for_Kiosks.pdf
Guideline_for Print Digital Signed Certificate Guideline of Print Certificate_V2.pdf
Guideline_for RPSC of Public Users Guideline_for_online_user.pdf
Guideline_for Raj. State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) Services Guideline for RSPCB Services_V2.pdf
Guideline_for_IGRS_service Guideline_for_IGRS_Services.pdf
Guideline_of e-Mitra & CSC Project (BOOK) e-Mitra Guideline (Book).rar
Guideline_pest control operation-Hi pest control operation-Hi.pdf
Guideline_seed renewal-Hi seed renewal-Hi.pdf
Guideline_wholeseller Renewal-Hi wholeseller Renewal-Hi.pdf
Guidelines_For Consent Land Division Guideline for Consent Land Division.pdf
Guidelines_For Open Mutation Guideline for Open Mutation.pdf
Guidelines_For Sima Gyan Guideline for SimaGyan.pdf
Guidelines_for_online_user_Paytm wallet Guidelines_for_online_user_Paytm wallet.pdf
Guildeline_Birth Death Cert Service v1 Birth Death Cert Service v1.pdf
InstructionsforPANdocumentaryproofs InstructionsforPANdocumentaryproofs.pdf
Order of Digital Bonafide for TSP Area (Banswara, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh, Sirohi & Udaipur) Order of Digital Bonafide for TSP Area.PDF
RajNet_Script_guideline guidelines.pdf
Rate_CircularIT Rate_CircularIT.pdf
Rate_Circular_11 Rate_Circular_11.pdf
Rate_Circular_14_DeptofForest_UOR_RPSC Rate_Circular_14_DeptofForest_UOR_RPSC.pdf
Rate_Circular_15_RPCB_Marriage_Registration Rate_Circular_15_RPCB_Marriage_Registration.pdf
Rate_Circular_16_Raj_Sampark_E&S Rate_Circular_16_Raj_Sampark_E&S.pdf
Rate_Circular_17_DMHS_CTD_Labour Rate_Circular_17_DMHS_CTD_Labour.pdf
Rate_Circular_18_SSDG_Employment_RD_Agriculture_SocialJustice Rate_Circular_18_SSDG_Employment_RD_Agriculture_SocialJustice_.PDF
Rate_Circular_19_CorrigendumDISCOMPHED Rate_Circular_19_CorrigendumDISCOMPHED.pdf
Rate_Circular_19_PHEDDISCOMRevisionofUtility Rate_Circular_19_PHEDDISCOMRevisionofUtility.pdf
Rate_Circular_21_BSER_Revenue Rate_Circular_21_BSER_Revenue.pdf
Rate_Circular_22_TAD_PanchayatiRaj_Development_Bhasha_vibhag Rate_Circular_22_TAD_PanchayatiRaj_Development_Bhasha_vibhag.pdf
Rate_Circular_23_IGRS_Labour_PanchayatiRaj Rate_Circular_23_IGRS_Labour_PanchayatiRaj.pdf
Rate_Circular_24_Pension_Industries Rate_Circular_24_Pension_Industries.pdf
Rate_Circular_25_Addendum_Ration_Card_Services Rate_Circular_25_Addendum_Ration_Card_Services.pdf
Rate_Circular_25_Ration_Card_VMOU_Corrigendum_25A Rate_Circular_25_Ration_Card_VMOU_Corrigendum_25A.pdf
Rate_Circular_26_CTD_Labour Rate_Circular_26_CTD_Labour.pdf
Rate_Circular_28_SocialJustice_UIT_Kota_BoardofMedicine Rate_Circular_28_SocialJustice_UIT_Kota_BoardofMedicine.pdf
Rate_Circulars_1_13_DISCOM_PHED_Aadhaar_RTI_Challan Rate_Circulars_1_13_DISCOM_PHED_Aadhaar_RTI_Challan.pdf
Rate_DigitizationofRecords_for_seedingunderBhamashah Rate_DigitizationofRecords_for_seedingunderBhamashah.pdf
Rate_circular20_DSC_Agri_Horticulture_SJ_Emp Rate_circular20_DSC_Agri_Horticulture_SJ_Emp.pdf
Rate_circular_27_RSRTC_Pension_JMRC_RRECL_Gopalan_Bhamashah Rate_circular_27_RSRTC_Pension_JMRC_RRECL_Gopalan_Bhamashah.pdf
Registration_User Manual_Bilingual_for all acts Registration_User Manual_Bilingual_for all acts.pdf
Registration_User Manual_E Mitra Registration_User Manual_E Mitra.pdf
Safran (Morpho) driver Setup.rar
Software_AAmy Admin (latest version) AA_v3.5.exe
Software_Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 8 ADOBE ACROBAT READER 8.EXE
Software_Download Hindi IME Toolkit Hindi_Toolkit_IME.exe
Software_Gemalto e-Token Device Gemalto e-Token.rar
Software_Java 6 jre-6u25-windows-i586 jre-6u25-windows-i586.exe
Software_Java Setup for OMT jre-7u7-windows-i586.rar
Software_Moserbear (G&D) e-Token Moserbear.rar
Software_OMT TOOL Setup Registration_Win.exe
Software_eToken Driver[32 Bit] (Alladin) PKIClient-x32-5.1-SP1.msi
Software_eToken Driver[64 Bit] (Alladin) PKIClient-x64-5.1-SP1.msi
Water_Storage_tank_guideline_eng Water_Storage_tank_guideline_eng.pdf
Water_Storage_tank_guideline_hindi Water_Storage_tank_guideline_hindi.pdf
eMudhra Class2 Ind Etoken Form eMudhra_Class2_IND_Encryption_and_Signature.pdf
Effective Governance better citizen services.
Below New Services have been started of Transport Department-
"Addition of New Category to Driving License"
"Change of Residence in Registration Certificate (RC)"
"Duplicate Driving License"
"Duplicate Registration Certificate (RC)"
"Issue International Driving Permit"
"Learner Licence"
"New Driving Licence"
"Renewal of Driving License"
"Termination of Hypothecation in Registration Certificate (RC)"
New services of DRDA Department have been started under SSDG-
"Application for Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan Guideline" Click here
"Utilization certificate under Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan Guideline" Click here
"New services of SC/ST Development Corporation Department have been started under SSDG" Click here
"Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes for Pope Yojna Guideline" Click here
"Application for skill development training Guideline" Click here
New services of Tribal Area Development Department have been started under SSDG Click here
"Application for Economic Help to Tribal for Research Fellowship Guideline" Click here
"Application for Award to National & International Level Tribal Sports Persons Guideline" Click here
"Application for Economic Help to Tribal for PMT/PET/ IIT Coaching Guideline" Click here
"Application for Rent Reimbursement for College Tribal Students Guideline" Click here
"Application for Free Scooty Distribution to Tribal Girls Guideline" Click here
"Digital Certificate Download at Kiosk Level Guideline" Click here
"List of newly selected LSPs under eMitra project along with their kiosk allocation plan" Click here
राजस्थान रोडवेज की बस टिकिट बुकिंग सुबिधा अब ई-मित्र पर उपलब्ध है! Click here
सभी कीओस्क धारक IRCTC का रजिस्ट्रेशन करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे Click here
SMS अस्पताल की जाँच रिपोर्टें प्राप्त करें Click here
1 July 2014 से सभी जिलों में बिजली के बिल जमा करने की दर 5 रुपये + सर्विस टैक्स तय कर दी गयी है!
1 जुलाई 2014 से डिजिटली हस्ताक्षरित प्रमाणपत्र (DSC) सेवाएं और SSDG की 26 आवेदन की ऑनलाइन सेवाओं का सेवा शुल्क नागरिक / आवेदक (सरकार के बजाय) द्वारा वहन किया जाएगा!
"DISH TV, MTS, ICICI, RTI Services have been started in Postpaid Mode For All Kiosk"
“CSC CMS के सभी VLE इन्‍टरनेट कनेक्‍शन लगवाने हेतु अपनी निम्‍न जानकारी पर मेल करे District, Block, Village, Mobile No.“
" 12 Dec 2013 से e-Mitra departmental report में केवल summary report और combined single report ही उपलब्ध होंगी! Detailed report, Cancel report और Deactive Kiosk Report हटा दी गयी है!"
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